The Georgia Commission on Interpreters is the policy-making body appointed by the Georgia Supreme Court to oversee the development of a statewide plan for the use of interpreters in Georgia courts during the presentation of civil or criminal matters.  The mission of the Commission on Interpreters is to provide interpreter licensing and regulatory and education services for Georgia courts so they can ensure the rights of non-English speaking persons.

Find a Korean-English and English-Korean Interpreter 

Directory maintained by the Georgia Commission on Interpreters


English-Korean Glossary from the U.S. Social and Security Administration

The Korean-English Glossary of Legal Terms (2nd Edition) from the Republic of Korea's Ministry of Government & Legislation

Glossary of Selected Legal Terms from the State Justice Institute (Washington State)

Glossary of Terms English-Korean by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA)


Papago, by Naver (a Korean company), is an online translator and resource for English-Korean and Korean-English.  Single-word translations are accompanied by a dictionary entry for additional context.

Naver, a Korean company, has a useful online dictionary with academic Korean and English terms.

Google, a go-to resource for translators.  It also has web translation features like Papago. 

*KABA-GA offers the above as resources to the community.  We make no representations regarding accuracy or reliability, and encourage certified interpretation and translation where needed.

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